Deal Dog Software For Real Estate Investors


I came across a webinar about Connected Investors web based software called Deal Dog. The webinar was clear, and motivational. How so? The webinar will convince you that you should be doing something with your RE. How they could be of great help to you and your company. Although it was long, I found it very informative, an eye opener. The first thing I’ve realized is that when we get so caught up with business, we often forget about what we’re missing.

That’s what deal dog has taught me, and showed me – I haven’t even signed in to the program yet. And with all the ease it’ll give you once you sign up, and with $97.00 which is not bad, I signed in. So, what happened?

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What does The Software Do?

The software called Deal Dog claims to be the “bird-dog that constantly scours the internet to bring you investment opportunities in the markets of your choice.”

Your competitive advantage?

It claims to be chasing down deals for you 24/7, 365. It claims to be your competitive advantage. It is finding you deals. And based on my experience, I really found deals that were actually good.

Your new best friend?

“Deal Dog allows you to work smarter.” We all want to work smart, to be efficient. It does make you work smart because you spend less time in finding listings since Deal Dog does the work for you.

“Deal Dog is one of the most cost-effective, deal-finding systems available.” With only $97, I found this true. When we do this alone, we often waste a lot of time and effort, also consider the fact that you need to travel and eat when looking for listings. I found Deal Dog a great help because with just one click, you get what you paid for.

Easy to use?

The software is easy to use. Once you get it, you will see a pretty fair looking software.But I suggest that additional options be put, for more specified results to narrow down the results.

How Does The App Work?

Because of this I wanted to immediately extend my subscription, and then I contacted the company. They gave an immediate response to every question I asked about the software, even suggesting hacks on how to maximize the software even more. Aside from the fact that they want their customers to make use of the software more, they are also very accommodating. Their customer service is really good. The best part about it is their immediate response.

When you don’t have a good product, you have to make it up with good customer service. But if you don’t have that, you’re just driving away customers. But you’re lucky when you have a good product with good customer service, that’s what Deal Dog offers. So thumbs up on having a great support team!

The Advertising

The webinar is definitely enticing. The Connected Investor’s webinars will open your eyes to what you’re missing and what you’re doing wrong. With the Deal Dog software, you’ll definitely work faster, smarter and be more efficient.

This software is one I would really recommend. This will save you a lot of time and energy. It will yield results. I assure you, you will get your money’s worth.

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