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Here’s the details…

Domain Hunter Gatherer is an expired domain finder.

That means it will go out and look for domains that have been through the entire auction process and have proceeded to the expiration status.

When you find one of these gems that means you can pick it up for the regular price of registration!

No more having to worry about domains getting run up from expensive auctions or buying domains from expensive resellers.

Often, these resellers are using tools like Lazarus or Domain Hunter Gatherer.

Domain Hunter Gatherer VS Project Lazarus VS Domain Reanimator

Wondering which out of the 3 expired finders is the best for you?

Domain Hunter Gatherer has an easier to use interface and is very affordable.

Project Lazarus takes a little more effort to setup as the interface is not as pretty as Domain Hunter Gatherer (DHG), however it works faster.

And you can pick up a lifetime license for a one time fee of $397 which makes Lazarus very attractive.

The key in order for Lazarus to work, you must use seed list that you create from Scrapebox.

Comparing to DHG, you can use it for $87 per month which gets you access to the software to scrape and using DHG you’re not required to have a seed list as DHG will allow you to scrape based on keywords.

And you get access to the software that lets you rebuild the sites from the Wayback Machine

Domain Re-animator is a quality product that is a web based app that ranges from $195-$495 a month.

Based on our review and opinion, we recommend Domain Hunter Gatherer as our first choice based on the features as well as the value.

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